Mez Just Mez


Troup, TX


Fine Art is a passion, more than just expression. Every image I create is much more than just an image. It's a piece of myself, the subject, and sometimes society as a whole.

Some would say that Art defines Us, I would say that We define Art! Some would say that beauty is only skin deep, I would say that true beauty comes from one's soul.

Available for commissions, settings, and travel as well. Contact me for details.


Exhausted by Mez Just Mez


Hope Eternal by Mez


Key Hill by Mez


Key Hill 1 by Mez


Key Hill 2 by Mez


Key Hill 2 Black and White by Mez


Key Hill 3 by Mez


Key Hill 3 Black and White by Mez


Cow Pasture 2 by Mez


Lone Oak in Pasture by Mez


Git Along Little Dogies by Mez


Old Pine by Mez


Forest Floor by Mez


Forest Floor Black and White by Mez


Desert Mountains by Mez


Desert Mountains Black and White by Mez


Barn Lantern by Mez


Geranium Bloom by Mez


City Lights 1 by Mez


Muddy Work Boots by Mez


Lone Star Proud by Mez


Prelude to a Kiss by Mez


Prelude to a Kiss 2 by Mez


The Damned by Mez


Demon's Fury by Mez


Heaven's Bliss by Mez


Hair Tie by Mez


Standing Alone by Mez


Deep Thoughts 0 by Mez


Deep Thoughts 1 by Mez


Deep Thoughts by Mez


Deep Thoughts 3 by Mez


Deep Thoughts 2 by Mez


Deep Thoughts 4 by Mez


Love of Wine by Mez


The Rafter Ornament by Mez


The Perch by Mez


Sentimente Senzuale by Mez


La Pasion Inflamada by Mez


From The Beyond by Mez


Hanging Out by Mez


Voyeur 1 - Color by Mez


Voyeur 1 by Mez


Voyeur 2 - Color by Mez


Voyeur 2 by Mez


Vintage Stockinged Legs by Mez


Hard and Soft by Mez


Enthralled by Mez Just Mez